Bacco Bucci: World-Class Footwear

If I am looking for some authentic and nice-looking leather shoes, Bacco Bucci will be at the top of the list. This fancy brand offers a variety of men’s footwear from dress shoes, boots, loafers and sandals that are made from the finest Italian calfskin. Seeing the collection that can be worn in formal and casual events, it is obvious that people who shop in such a store has a high class taste in fashion. This brand does not only make gorgeous shoes but long-lasting leather belts as well. Although the price may be a bit over the top for average consumers like me, these products are of premium quality and will be worth every penny.

Bacco Bucci Collection
A pair of leather shoes should be part of everyone’s basic wardrobe, not because you can wear it and look like a million bucks, but because such pairs are very classic yet versatile. While you can wear rubber shoes with a pair of denim pants or shorts, you cannot wear it with your dress pants and formal suits. These Italian designed shoes may look extremely formal at first but we can find a style that can go from formal leather appropriate for gala premieres to casual comfortable shoes that can be worn with jeans. The secret lies behind the craftsmanship of the manufacturers. To be able to turn quality materials into stunning footwear requires artistry and skill.

The One for You
If you visit the official online store, you can shop for shoes by category. You can find slip-ons or lace-up designs pretty much in every category and you can also find dress shoes and dress boots that come in brown or black leather. While leather pairs feel tight during the first few fittings, this shoe brand is made with Exact-Fit insole system that provide ultimate comfort, even if you just bought it yesterday. For the sporty customers, this brand also has a line of sportswear and their designs will make you think that you are wearing sneakers. Sandals are made with linen fabric so the straps will be light and soft on the skin.

Making Bacco Bucci
A typical dress shoe is handmade in Italy and may cost over $200 while “Studio” type costs less than $100 and is usually made in China. Regardless of where and how it was made, these shoes came from the similar high quality materials. Some leathers used for their footwear include soft baby calfskin, vintage Italian Butter-soft calfskin, and Old English suede. Soles are usually made with rubber sole, which can be injected with memory foam; these soles are also handcrafted so that it will not look sloppy. Even with rubber soles, the finished product looks like it is made with high class leather.

World-class Leather
It is sometimes tempting to buy cheap footwear, especially if we think that we are going to wear the shoes for a couple of times only but it wouldn’t hurt if we get to spend a little more on items that will last for years. There are many shoe brands in the market and it can be difficult to choose which is best. Bacco Bucci offers shoes that are made with high quality materials and you will know that your money will be worth it.